Weekly Review Week 5

Final Project:

Final Project Hugo the Big Winner

2nd made up assignment:

Crazy/Carzy Illusion

2nd made up Tutorial:

Crazy/Carzy Made up Tutorial

The final week was fun,  I had some difficulties coming up with a story and a character for my final assignment, but once I came up with the story I rolled with it.

I had fun making the YouTube video for my character and also the sound bytes, and I believe its a pretty good story told by all the things that we have covered over the semester.

Overall I am very pleased with all the new knowledge that I gained from digital story telling. It was a unique class and I have never taken a class like Ds106 before.

I hope I get to use some of the new skills I learned in the future.

Also in week 4 I submitted one of my made up assignments, but I have no idea why it is not showing up, that is why I included screenshots.

I had fun creating my 2nd made up assignment and 2nd made up tutorial this week. I didn’t have any difficulties with doing that.

I will recommend this class to other students, since it is so unique.




Carzy/Crazy Illusion Tutorial (Design Assignment)

To complete this assignment there are several steps, this assignment is not there to be hard or difficult, but its there to show creativity.

Step1. Choose a picture either from Google or a Picture that you took yourself, I prefer choosing a shape, that way it is easier to create an optical illusion.

Screenshot (16)


Step.2 Upload the photo into a photo editing program on your computer or your tablet. It doesn’t matter what editing program, all programs should be able to edit the photo for an illusion.

I prefer to use Picsart, they make it easy to make adjustments the to photos. You can download Picsart onto any computer or tablet by going to your app store, or just google it.

Step3. After the photo is uploaded onto your preferred program, play around with different filters and color schemes, and backgrounds, until your photo looks like an optical illusion, sometimes this may take awhile, but once you have figured it out it will be worth it.

Step4. Save your finished product, and upload it to Flickr, or WordPress.

untitled (2)


Actual Assignment above:




Crazy/Carzy Illusion(Made up Assignment 1 star)

untitled (2)

My Illusion was created through a program called Picsart, which can be downloaded onto any computer or tablet. This image was not taken from google, it was self created, I created the shape, and then set the background pattern. If you look at this image too long your eyes may start hurting or you could develop a headache, and that was once of the goals for this assignment, create a crazy illusion that can cause irritation.




Final Project (Hugo the Big Winner)


Hugo the main character of my story was just a normal human being, until luck was on his side and he won BIGGGG. But will the money get to him, and cause him to lose it all.

Find out for yourself.

Hugo received a phone call around, 330pm on June 17,2020, the phone call was life changing. Hugo won the New England lottery. 150 Million Dollars, the phone call was recorded through sound cloud and also edited with sound cloud. The audio came out very good so no editing had to be done, I also used a soundboard to make the sounds of the telephone ringing.



After the Phone call, Hugo was featured on People Magazine, as the newest and hottest millionaire. This feature magazine was created through PhotoLab which is an app that allows you to customize a photo and make it unique.

Hugo is the newest sensation.

Soon after the phone call and the magazine cover Hugo was invited to be on a radio show to talk about his winnings and what he is planning on doing with the money. The radio show was recorded through sound cloud and also edited with sound cloud. A soundboard was used to create the radio atmosphere.


Soon after the Radio show Hugo became really cocky and decided to have his face be put on all his 100 Dollar bills.


Hugo had this done through PhotoLab which allowed him to customize bills of money.


Hugo became more and more careless spending and throwing around his money every chance he got. Hugo created a Meme of himself holding money through PhotoLab which allowed him to customize this photo and create this Meme.

After a while the money became too much for Hugo, he had spent all of the 150 Million and there was nothing left, all the temporary happiness that he gained was taken away, he also lost all his cars and all his houses, Hugo was back to square one. Hugo later posted a video where he displayed how rough he looked, and he gave everybody a warning to be careful with their money.

Hugo also uploaded the same video with some sad music in the background to really show that his situation was sad, he did this through YouTube edit, which allowed him to tamper with the video and add some background music.

Hugo eventually regained his confidence and he now works as a wealthy banker and learned from his mistakes.




Weekly Review Week 4

Reading and Analyzing:




Video Assignments:



Made up Assignment:


Tutorial Assignment:

Color Changer Tutorial


This week as projected in the directions, the video section was one of the hardest weeks, it was tough because again I am just getting used to all this technical stuff, like changing file types or mashing up videos, or threading different videos together to make one. But like last week after getting more comfortable with the material it was a little easier, but it will take some more getting used to.

I enjoyed reading about breaking down videos, and what different camera angles mean. I also learned about different cinema techniques, I also enjoyed the assignments this week, I had difficulties with some of the technical stuff, but after learning how to do it, I was more comfortable with it.

I enjoyed making my own assignment, and making the tutorial assignment.

I am looking forward to the final and last week of the course next week.

Hopefully it will be as informational as the last 4 weeks have been.





Color Changer Tutorial

This Tutorial is for the color changer assignment.

Step 1. Choose any picture out of your photo library, preferably something that that was taken outside.

Screenshot (12)

Step 2. Once you choose the picture open it with up with a program on your computer that can edit and change pictures.

Screenshot (13)

I chose to use my photo editor program on my computer, every computer has different software for this.

Step3. Use the effects tab to make the color changes to the Photo, you can use any effect you want to change the photo.

Screenshot (14)

Step 4. Save the Photo and upload the photo to Flickr, or WordPress.

Step 5. Your finished






Dog it Out

For this Design Assignment that I created as one of my required assignments. I created an assignment in which you take a picture of your dog, or any  pet that you own and make it something interesting, be creative with it.

Screenshot (11)image


The first photo is what it was originally, that’s my dog Bella just relaxing on the floor.

I used Picsart to edit the original photo. As you can see lots of changes were made including, a pipe, a hat, other animals, a cold Alaskan background, a quote about Alaskan ice dogs, the photo doesn’t have to make sense, the whole point of the assignment was to be creative and silly, and I believe that I achieved the goal of my own assignment, that I created. It is also not meant to be super hard, its more creative and just having fun with your dog or any animal that you have in your household.



Terrible Lip Sync

For this Lip Sync Video Assignment we were supposed to choose a song that we like, and take a video of ourselves lip syncing part of the song. This assignment was fun, but it made me see that I have no talent at al lip syncing.

I thought Sam Hunts, take your time, would be fun to lip sync, but like I said I quickly found that that I should stick to my day job, but it was still a fun assignment. I had the song playing in the background on my computer, and then I took the video with my phone, I then uploaded everything onto YouTube and then uploaded it all here on WordPress.

Enjoy my attempt at Lip syncing. and also just realized that you can actually hear me in some instances, I was trying to lip sync most of it, and got lost in the moment. That’s part of recording, sometimes you don’t want to edit the mistakes because they are what make the video here.



Want to Marry You


For this assignment (worth five stars), we were asked to create a montage for someone special in our lives.


The song above from Bruno Mars is what inspired this Photo Montage, of my Finance. I decided to go with the Bruno Mars song because it is upbeat, and it fits this montage perfectly. Choosing the song was more difficult then I thought, there are millions of songs out there and choosing one can be pretty difficult, it took me about an hour just to make a the choice for the song.

After finding the song, I used MyMovieMaker which come pre loaded on my computer. I started adding all of the photos that I wanted to include in the montage.

Screenshot (5)

After uploading all the pictures, I had to download the song, and then convert the file types in order to put in on MYMovieMaker, after that I had to make sure that the song was lined up with the pictures, and that the whole presentation flowed in a good way.

The above video turned into the finished project, notice that some of the words line up with the pictures.

This assignment was more difficult then I thought, the converting files and transferring everything from one place to another was more time consuming than I thought, but now that I have this down, it should be a lot easier in the future.






The Pursuit Of Happyness Broken Down

I decided to break this clip down from the Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith. I choose this clip because I really enjoyed this movie and I thought it would be fun breaking it down, by first watching it with no Audio, then just Audio and then the entire thing with Audio and Film.

While watching with no Audio, I discovered that there are a lot of close ups during the two minute clip, and also some shot from distance. The shots seem hectic, there is a lot of character movement, and really no still shots, I believe this was done to create that hectic felling, there are also many angles that were shot from a lower angle or behind the character.

Watching this with no Audio, gave me a sense of unrest, hectic play, but I believe that is what this scene was supposed to portray.

Watching the scene with  just Audio gave me an entirely different insight, I did get the hectic feeling, but I also got a feeling of calmness because of the background music, yes it was still a hectic environment in the call center, but for some reason the background music was soothing. This goes to show that, hearing no Audio and hearing just audio can give you entirely different ideas of what is going on.

Now watching the entire clip with sound and the clip, it brought everything together, yes the background music was soothing and yes it was a hectic environment will the all movement of the camera, the camera was constantly moving creating unrest, but the background music created calmness, so it was kind off a weird combination.

All the camera angles were done like this on purpose, the producer wanted to create this felling of being rushed and that is exactly what I portrayed.